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FBA Contacts - Asia Pacific Monday, 08-February-2016
In order to stay on top of current events and trends in the world of flair bartending, the FBA has a communications network of Ambassadors, Representatives and Directors that spans the globe. Our local Ambassadors report to national Representatives, who are overseen by the Director for each region. This structure helps to promote communication and focus on our projects and events.

Apply to become an FBA Ambassador in your area.

Director - Asia Pacific

Representatives - Asia Pacific

FBA National Representatives are the core movers and shakers of the FBA. They are responsible for pushing flair in their area to new levels via competitions, yard days, articles, posting stories and pictures. National Representatives also assist Flair Ambassadors to achieve their goals and tie the region together with a bit more organization, desire, and hard work.

Hiroyuki "Hiro" Ishikawa Hiroyuki "Hiro" Ishikawa
Location: Japan (Shikokuchuo-shi,ehime-ken)
Languages: Japanese
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Ambassadors - Asia Pacific

FBA Ambassadors are the link between the world of Flair and those bartenders that are hungry for more information about it. FBA Ambassadors are free to work with any events or organizations they wish as long as their primary focus is growing flair in their local area. FBA Ambassadors are the direct link for news and information to the FBA about what is going on with the local flair scene in their area, as well as providing their local bartenders information with updates on FBA news and events.

Joao paulo "Balzani" Rodrigues Joao paulo "Balzani" Rodrigues
Location: Hong Kong (Mauritius)
Languages: Italian
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About Joao paulo Rodrigues
Binny "Bins" Dhadwal Binny "Bins" Dhadwal
Location: (India)
Languages: English
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South Korea
Jae chun "Nicholas" Ahn Jae chun "Nicholas" Ahn
Location: Seoul (South Korea)
Languages: English
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The Flair Bartenders' Association, Inc. is a membership association of bartenders interested in learning and teaching the art of flair. If you have any questions please contact the nearest representative so we may help feed your need.

If you have moved or need to update your contact information please do so now.

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