Roadhouse World Finals Results
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Your News Saturday, 21-July-2018

Roadhouse World Finals Results

Posted By
Gianluigi Bosco
29-11-2009 Roadhouse World Finals
Location: London, UK

1st Tomek Malek
2nd Danilo Oribe
3rd Marek Poszlusny
4th Vladymir Buryanov
5th Rodrigo Delpech
6th Tom Dyer
7th Sylvain Glatigny
8th Marco Canova
9th Luca Valentin
10th Gianluigi Bosco
11th Rafael Arce
12th Hirochi Ichikawa
13th Antonio Mantelli
14th Daniel Moya
15th Siya
16th Attila
17th David 'Ginge' Reynolds
18th Marco Cicconi
19th Clinton Weir
20th Alex Searle
21th Roberto Cuccurullo
22th Bruno Vanzan
23th Leo
24th Anil Sabharwal
25th Anthony Pullen
26th Matt Flint

Posted By
Tom Johnson
WOW!  Tomek must have killed it!  Congratulations Tomek!!!

But what about the rest? Rodrigo Delpech in 5th?  He must have dropped his ass off.  Tom 6th? Bosco 10th? Rafa 11th? What happened to all these guys?  Not taking anything away from Vad, Marek, and Danilo, but usually at Roadhouse it is the other way around.  Just curious what happened over there.  Anyone got the scoop?

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