Flairbar.com April 2010 issue is now out...
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Your News Sunday, 21-December-2014

Flairbar.com April 2010 issue is now out...

Posted By
Robert Husted
Good News... the real new issue of Flairbar.com is up and live. Our April 2010 issue featuring this month's Interviews page we have "The Next Contender" featuring Dario Doimo, Then we have "Flair's Quest" on our ”Comp Review” page. Next we move to West Palm Beach, Florida and Summer Flair 4 & Mixology Matters for “Mixology Matters!” on our ”And Finally” page, Others features include "A Contract is Always your Best Friend" by Cesar Romero, Laurent Greco's "Herbal Mixology" on our ”Flavors” page, "Flairing Freddy" is our newest addition to our ever growing ”Flairmation” page, Nick Olliney teaching this months “Masterclass” page, The contest results for the ”Finest Call Stall” where you can show us your best Finest Call Stall and much more...

See you at the next event,


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