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QUEST 2004

The Original Flair Bartending Event - REBORN!

QUEST is Back Baby

OCTOBER 24-26, 2004

Universal CityWalk, Orlando Florida, USA

  • Late Registration Opens - October 6th
  • Beer Removed from Flair Round - 04-October-2004
  • Itinerary Posted - 26-Sept-2004
  • Judge Sheets - Scoring Criteria Posted - 26-Sept-2004
  • Speed Round - You MAY bring your own music
  • Flair Round - Drinks Posted 23-Sept-2004
  • Product List Posted 22-Sept-2004
  • Bar Layout - Speed Bar Posted 22-Sept-2004
  • Drink List Updated 20-Sept-2004 - Corrected Glassware
  • Drink List Updated 20-Sept-2004 - Chi Chi from Skyy Spiced to Skyy Regular
  • Drink List Posted 16-Sept-2004


Welcome Flair Fans to another exciting time in our sport.
It has been a few years since our beloved QUEST was run and we have all missed it. So the FBA pushed hard and made it's rebirth happen. For those that are new to the sport, the QUEST was the grass roots, the beginning of modern day flair. It was also the starting point for many of the world class competitors today. What's new about the FBA QUEST 2004? For starters it is now run by us, the bartenders. Some of you may remember why the FBA was created back in 1997 (yes at Quest). We wanted representation and organization for OUR sport.

The FBA, together with Ken Hall of High Spirits Enterprises, is bringing you the mother of all Flair Bartending Competitions. Is it the most technical? No, we will leave that for Legends in March. Will it find the "Best Bartender", doubt that as well. What the FBA QUEST 2004 will do is find the most entertaining flair bartender. Since we are using the word "Bartender", we have to do a little proving of that as well, so there will be a Speed Round... But hey, what would QUEST be without a Speed Round folks.

What's New?
There are a few things that are new for QUEST 2004. Other than the fact that the rules will be similar to the OLD SCHOOL format, there will now be 3 competitor levels to choose from.

     REGISTRATION FEE SCHEDULE All prices in US Dollars.
  Amateur Advanced Pro
Early Bird $100 $200 $275
September 8th $125 $250 $325
October 6th $150 $300 $400

What do you get for your money?

Competitor Package Includes
  • Official QUEST 2004 Collectable Flair Bottle ($20.00 Value)
  • Official QUEST 2004 Collectable T-Shirt ($15.00 Value)
  • Official QUEST 2004 Collectable Bottle Popper ($10.00 Value)
  • Official QUEST 2004 Collectable DVD ($40.00 Value)
  • Your Chance to win your part of over $20,000 in cash and prizes
  • Discounted Rooms at nearby hotels ($60.00 Value)
  • Your Chance to be part of the event that started it all

Like every other sport, the Amateurs will not win money. They will be up on stage like the others, and will win the same nice trophies as the others, but they won't have to pay as much entry fee and they won't win any cash prizes.

Advanced is the stepping stone after Amateur but not quite ready to take on the worlds best. Advanced will win cash prizes and their entry fee is slightly more than Amateur and slightly less than Pro. The most a competitor in Advanced can win is the same amount as the last finalist in Pro. So for the QUEST, the last place Pro will win $1000, and the first place Advanced will also win $1000.

Pro is for the top dogs going for the top money. Not much to say here other than these guys are the top fuel dragsters of our sport.

A few important notes to remember. Our sport has advanced to a level where we need real organization. The FBA is stepping up to the plate as the sanctioning body. The FBA will be burdened with the task of tracking your scores and progress in the sport of flair bartending. Therefore every competitor in FBA SANCTIONED events will need to be in current standing with their membership. If you are not, you can simply join/re-join at the event or when you pay. Another very important note, the FBA will track your classification. The QUEST is your starting point. What division you select at QUEST will be your classification. If you select amateur, you will be an amateur with the FBA until you enter another FBA Sanctioned competition as an Advanced or Pro. HOWEVER, once you move forward you CAN NOT move backwards. If you feel there has been an error and you must be allowed to move backwards, you may apply to do so with the FBA Board. The FBA Board will review your request and reason and make a ruling.

The one thing we can promise you is the FBA QUEST 2004 will be one of the most fun events you have ever attended. We are expecting record numbers of competitors from all over the world. Hold on to your hats, the QUEST is BACK BABY!

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