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Wild Wild West Flair Off

Wild Wild West Flair Off
May 23-24, 2007

Flairco & Carson City Nugget
Wild Wild West Flair Off
(2 Days after Blue Blazer)
Carson City, Nevada (USA)

Cash & Prizes

The Wild Wild West Flair Off competition will be held Wednesday, May 23rd (qualifying) and Thursday, May 24th (finals) at the Carson City Nugget in Carson City, NV. This event is meant as a fun competition for both the competitors and those in attendance.

Each competing bartender will perform one flair round featuring both working flair and exhibition flair skills, with a list of required drinks and deductions for mistakes. The Wild Wild West Flair Off is a Level 1 event on the 2007 FBA Pro Tour.

Mike McLean (FBA Master Certified Judge, Flairco, Inc.)

Standard FBA Scoring System will be used.

Qualifying rounds will be 4 minutes and Finals will be 6 minutes.

Entry Fee to this competition will be $50


Skyy Berry Kamikazi
Skyy Berry (half full bottle) - (1.25 oz)
Triple sec (half full bottle) - (0.75 oz)
Finest Call Lime juice - (0.5 oz)
Shake and Strain into Cocktail Glass
No Garnish
Open beer and place on bar top
Specialty Drink
The bartender's specialty drink should include a minimum of two sponsor products. No competing vodkas, mixers or beers will be allowed as ingredients. Sponsor products include Skyy Vodka, Finest Call mixers and Budweiser. All extra ingredients, mixes, garnishes, glassware or tools are the responsibility of the competitor. All bottles used must be product specific. Malibu Rum is not allowed as an ingredient in the specialty drink. If the recipe for this specialty drink is not provided at the competition meeting, the competitor will not score any points for this drink.

Prizes (In US Dollars)
1 place $ 2,000
2 place $ 1,000
3 place $ 750
4 place $ 500
5 place $ 250
6 place $ 250
7 place $ 150
8 place $ 100


All the competitors are to read the rules in full. If you have any questions please send them to mike@flairco.com.

Violation of any rule may result in disqualification from the competition.

You must be at least 21 years old to participate in the this competition.

Any acts that display low integrity, poor taste or disrespect for the competition, sponsors or the host facility are subject to disqualification.

The number of competitors in this competition is limited to 32 spots.

Entry Fee to this competition will be $50

You must email Mike McLean at mike@flairco.com if you wish to compete.

Discounted hotel information will be available soon.

All competitors should arrive an hour before the start of competition. Not getting there on time may lead to disqualification.

All music must be in CD Audio format. Please bring at least 2 working copies as different audio equipment vary in ability. If the competitor does not have music, they can work with the DJ's collection.

Qualifying rounds will be 4 minutes and finals will be 6 minutes.

After the allotted time for the round is over, the music will stop and judging for technical eliments will be over.

4 minutes will be given to the competitors for the preparation of the bar.

Competitors may re-arrange the bar anyway they like, however nothing may start on the upper bar top.

Barbacks will be supplied to assist you in setting up your bar. The competitors may use other competitors as their own barbacks if they wish. Competitors may not use any assistance for the show during your round.

For Qualifying and Finals, competitors will prepare 2 cocktails. One cocktail will be prepared using a Working Flair setup, and the other cocktail using an Exhibition Flair setup. You may make the drinks in any order or combination you wish.

Working Flair Setup will use bottles set to at least 1/2 full and with metal #285-50 spouts.

Exhibition Flair Setup will use bottles set to at least (3/4 oz) of liquid with any free pouring pour spout.

Use of empty or closed bottles is forbidden. If the competitor uses empty or closed bottles, they will be deducted points. All bottles will be examined before the beginning of the performance.

All spouts must be free flowing and not restricted or modified in any way.

Competing bartenders will not be allowed to wear logos of any companies conflicting with the sponsors of the event. However, bartenders can wear logos of their own companies or bars if they are sponsoring them to be there.

Juices can be in competition Store-N-Pours or empty glass bottles without labels. The clear glass bottles can have one strip of tape and / or an FBA Pro Tour sticker on it.

For the warm-up the competitors are assigned a special area. Any flairing outside of designated area will result in disqualification.

Any work with fire or pyrotechnics is forbidden.

Organizers have the right to update the rules at any time.

Organizers are not responsible for any injury or traumas received by the competitor during performance.

Organizers are not responsible for any loss of personal belongings of the competitor.


Difficulty 50 points:
  • Difficulty 50 points
Flow of routine 25 points:
  • Smoothness 25 points
Creative Flair 25 points:
  • Variety 25 points
Showmanship 100 points:
  • Presence & Composure 25 points
  • Specialty Drink & Sponsor Promotion 25 points
  • Overall Performance & Entertainment 50 points

1 Points: 5 Points: 10 Points: 25 Points: Dropped or spilled drinks may be remade before the time runs out. The remaking of drinks should also include some form of flair, be it a tin spin or a simple garnish toss.

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