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Gender: Male
Age: 42 Years Old
Nationality: Canada
Speaks: English & French
Works: FBA & Flairco.com
Lives: Toronto (Canada)
Bartending: 23 Years
Flairing: 17 Years
Website: http://www.flairco.com

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I wear a variety of hats in the world of flair bartending as the VP of the FBA, an FBA Certified Master Judge and the Director of Sales and Marketing for Flairco.com. I travel frequently for competitions and trade shows. If you want to see where I've been this year, I keep a travel blog and pictures at www.flairco.com.

Austrian Flair Combat - 14-Apr-2008 - (MIKE MCLEAN - Canada)

Just finished the qualifying round at the Austrian Flair Combat competition in Graz, Austria.  Should make for a great show at the finals tomorrow night!  After this, there is our first European judging seminar, then it is off to Moscow for the Barstars competition.

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