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Your News Monday, 22-April-2019
Post | Read | Subscribe - Its Your News

Get the Latest Flair News Stream Here on the YOUR NEWS page you can read and post global flair news to share with others around the world. Sharing is easy, just login and share your information! You can even upload images to go with your News! Your news item will be posted and included in the YOUR NEWS RSS feed immediately and included on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER feeds later in the day!

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Keep Flippin! (and report your flair news here)

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Summer Flair 6 up on Flairbar.com LIve!

For those of you that missed it or those of you that were there and just can't wait to see it again and again... The Re-Broadcast of the Flairbar.com LIVE broadcast of the Summer Flair Bartender Competition 6 finals at Club Safari in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is up and ready to be enjoyed at your fingertips and at your convenience. Just go to www.flairbar.com and click the "In-the-Mix" link and you can "Watch Flair... Anytime & Anywhere!".

This was the largest Flair event in the United States on the FBA Pro Tour in 2011. Watch as 3 divisions Amateur, Advanced & Pro battle it out for over $7,000.00 in cash & prizes.

The Professional Flair Bartenders in the finals include...

Sergio Roman

Read More

Mixology Matters Cocktail Conference 2011

Tuesday September 20th 2011
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"Helping Bring the Craft of the Cocktail & the Art of Flair Bartending Together"

In its third year, the “Mixology Matters Cocktail Conference” on Tuesday September 20th 2011 will bring together some of the world’s best Flair bartenders, Mixologists, Industry Professionals, everyday bartenders and managers to learn and collaborate from one another and help further push the boundaries of the cocktail by raising our voices and saying YES! Mixology Matters



For complete details check out "www.mixologymatters.com"

Read More

Looking for Flair Bartenders to work in Las Vegas!

Margaritaville Casino Flair Bartender Auditions

We will be conducting Flair Auditions for the new Margaritaville Casino at the Flamingo.

Date: Tuesday, August 16th
Time: 9am – 3 pm
Location: Royal Hall at Imperial Palace on the 4th floor

Auditions will consist of the following:
•    Panel interviews
•    Free Pour evaluation
•    3-4 minutes working/exhibition flair demonstration

Bartenders who pass the audition and are invited back will be required to complete the Margaritaville Entertainment Bartender Level Testing.

Date: Wednesday, August 17th
Starting Time: 9am
Location: Royal Hall at Imperial Palace on the 4th floor

Please contact the Flamingo Employment Center for more information. We look forward to seeing you there.

Looking for Flair Bartenders to work in Las Vegas!

No QUEST 2011

It is now final, there will be no QUEST in 2011.  The guys over at KenziKy (the event organizers) just could not get the sponsorship dollars together to pull it off.  They plan on shifting focus to LEGENDS 2012.  Lets hope they are able to get it all worked out in Las Vegas for March 2012.


FBA News Team

$1,000.00 Online Video Mixology Contest!

Welcome to the first annual Flairbar.com “Online Video Mixology Contest” sponsored by Absolut Vodka & Finest Call Premium Mixes. Where every eligible bartender around the world can compete for the ultimate cocktail, $1,000.00 and bragging rights as Flairbar.com’s Finest Bartender.

Entering is easy…! just videotape yourself in a 3 minute video making an original Absolut Vodka & Finest Call cocktail on camera and upload it to Youtube and then take the “Embedded Code” and post it in the “Online Mixology Contest” discussion page on the Drinkdub website (Found on the "Cut Off" page on Flairbar.com) along with the drink name, exact recipe, procedure, garnish, your name, your email and where your from.

Read More

Flairbar.com - July 2011 issue now out!

Hey Folks, Just a quick notice that the July 2011 issue of Flairbar.com is up and live. This month’s cover and Interviews page we have "Doing a 360 in Flair!" featuring Graham Kimura straight from the Bartenders Bash Series 2011I !  Next we have Ryan Clark teaching this months  “Masterclass” page.

Others features include "A Long Hard look at Sexual Harassment Behind the Bar" by Lauren McNamara all on our ”Articles” page, Our Mixologist's "Eco friendly Cocktails" on our ”Flavors” page, "Flairing Freddy" is back on our ever growing ”Flairmation” page, The all new Flairbar.com Caption Contest ”Reader Contest” and much more...

See you at the ”Summer Flair 6”, "Mixology Matters 2011" and at the next event,

BIG THANKS to our sponsors Absolut Vodka & Finest Call for helping make all of this possible.


Read More


"Flairbar.com Live!"... Goes Live! :-)

"Flairbar.com Live!"... goes Live this Monday May 9th, 2011 at 1pm for the Flair Comp and this Tuesday May 10th, 2011 for the Absolut & Finest Call Mixology Finals at 8pm down at the "Bartenders Bash Series 2001" at Holiday Isle in the Florida Keys. This is a small taste of things to come. We need your help, our loyal readers to watch the Live Broadcast posted on "www.flairbar.com" under the "In-the-Mix" link and let us know what you think?

This a soft release of good things to come and we care what you think?




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