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Your News Thursday, 30-June-2016
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Get the Latest Flair News Stream Here on the YOUR NEWS page you can read and post global flair news to share with others around the world. Sharing is easy, just login and share your information! You can even upload images to go with your News! Your news item will be posted and included in the YOUR NEWS RSS feed immediately and included on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER feeds later in the day!

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"Flairbar.com Live!"... Goes Live! :-)

"Flairbar.com Live!"... goes Live this Monday May 9th, 2011 at 1pm for the Flair Comp and this Tuesday May 10th, 2011 for the Absolut & Finest Call Mixology Finals at 8pm down at the "Bartenders Bash Series 2001" at Holiday Isle in the Florida Keys. This is a small taste of things to come. We need your help, our loyal readers to watch the Live Broadcast posted on "www.flairbar.com" under the "In-the-Mix" link and let us know what you think?

This a soft release of good things to come and we care what you think?




Flairbar.com - April 2011 issue now out!

Hey Folks, Just a quick notice that the April 2011 issue of Flairbar.com is up and live. This month’s cover and Interviews page we have "The New Bartenders from Uruguay!" featuring Ezequiel Abergo, straight from his big win at Legends XII ! If you want to catch up on Legends from last year to now, you can check out "Where have all of the Legends gone...?" on our ”And Finally”  page, next we have Santiago Gomez the  FBA  Advanced Tour Overall Champion teaching this months  “Masterclass” page, then we have the Summer Flair 5 & Mixology Matters! review by Ryan Sturring entitled "Summer Shaking & Mixology Making" all on our ”Comp Review” page.

Others features include "A Cockatail Enthusiast's Dreams!" with coverage and insight into Tales of the Cocktail all on our ”Articles” page , Our Mixologist's "Pisco Palates" on our ”Flavors” page, "Last Call Larry" is back on our ever growing ”Flairmation” page, The all new Flairbar.com Caption Contest ”Reader Contest” and much more...

See you at the ”Bartenders Bash Series” and at the next event,

BIG THANKS to our sponsors Absolut Vodka & Finest Call for helping make all of this possible.


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Hard Rock ultimate flair 2011

This comp is going to be epic!!!!!!


check it out!



what a crash

What a crash!!!

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010
By Carlos Farfan

What a best way to celebrate Romania's independence day with this mega competition;


in its 9th edition, since 2002 so far the best romanian international bartenders competition organized by Champions restaurant (JW Marriott Bucharest Grand hotel) and produced by Exquisite bar solutions, Romanian bartenders agency. You can find them on facebook on: Exquisite bar solutions facebook page

This event was live video streamed from the home website of barsolutions, flair bartenders stars such as Danilo oribe from uruguay, Valentin Luca from Romania, Tom dyer from the UK, Gian Luigi Bosco from Italy and many more perfomed an excellent show showing that flairbartending is growing up around the planet.

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Youtube Channel

Please check out my Youtube Channel


Best Barmen Mix 2010

Flip$ 4 Tip$ 11

Flip$ for Tip$ will host its 11th all FLAIR Bartending competition this year in Cincinnati, Ohio at Mynt Martini www.myntcincinnati.com This year’s event will have 2 separate groups, one for Pro and one for Advanced & Amateur being combined. Only the first 25 competitors to sign up will be eligible to compete.

Flip$ is November 7th , 8th & 9th 2010 @ MYNT MARTINI in Cincinnati, Ohio
Sun. Nov 7th (Meet & Greet 9p)
Mon. Nov 8th (Qualifying day 1p - 7p)
Tuesday Nov. 9th (Finals 8p)

Rules and full information is posted at www.chicosun.com.

A Monday Night Football game will take place on Monday the 8th at Paul Brown Stadium. It will be the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh
Steelers. Qualifying will be completed by game time 8:30. The stadium is an 8 minute walk from Mynt Martini and the host hotel. We will also be hosting a party on Monday Night for the game and finals won’t be until 8p on Tuesday so, Yes. You can
sleep in Tuesday morning.

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