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FBA Photo Gallery Wednesday, 17-July-2024
FBA Photo Gallery - "QUEST (8th) 1999" Gallery

The FBA Photo Gallery is a collection of Flair Bartending photos from all around the world. Shares your photos today!

There are 18 pictures in the QUEST (8th) 1999 Gallery/Category.

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The "QUEST (8th) 1999" gallery currently has 18 photos.

Kip Powers - Flair Round - Quest 1999 - Check the view out from the second floor at Mannequin’s Dance Palace.

Toby Ellis - 3 Tins - Quest 1999 - Toby attempting a new 3 tin trick... he missed it 3 times... ouch!

Kip Powers - Quest 1999 - Kip Powers in his flair round.  No that is not fire on the end of the bottle, it is a light hitting the guy in the back ground.

Big Mike and Bryan McCall - Quest 1999 - 'Big Mike' Graves.  The best barback you will ever find.  With out Mike at Quest, it simply would not have been the same.

Ken Hall - Specialty Drink Round - Quest 1999 - Ken Hall in his early prime

Bill Long doing 'Chops' - Quest 1999 - Bill has a funny look on his face, but he was a pioneer with juggling techniques and flair bartending.

JD Spradlin - Quest 1999 - JD Spradlin, the voice of flair for the past Decade.

Bill Long - Climbing the Ladder - Quest 1999 - We have never seen anyone do this move faster than Mr. Long.

Alan Mays in a classic cascade - Quest 1999 - Simple yet classic Mays

Rob Corujo - Quest 1999 - If you know Rob, he alway has his tounge hangin out.

Philip Raimondo and Tim 'Stormin' Norman - Two cheese heads

Toby Ellis - Quest 1999 - Some basic moves by Toby Ellis


Bill Long - Double Over the Shoulder Stall - This is still one of the hardest moves ever.  There is only a handful of people on the planet that can pull off a Double Over the Shoulder Stall.

Ian Duncan - Naked and Whipped Creamed - Another crazy Canadian doing some freaky stuff.  He is in a bath towel and has whipped cream on his bald head holding a cup...

Big Bad Wolf - At $100/day for the costume, I had little time to practice  w/ that wolf's head & gloves, so hitting a 2-bottle behind the back move made my day

Philip Duff

Frosty & Philip Duff