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FBA Photo Gallery Wednesday, 17-July-2024
FBA Photo Gallery - "Bar & Beverage" Gallery

The FBA Photo Gallery is a collection of Flair Bartending photos from all around the world. Shares your photos today!

There are 18 pictures in the Bar & Beverage Gallery/Category.

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The "Bar & Beverage" gallery currently has 18 photos.

ice bar - The ice bar used at the finals of the 2002 Bar & Beverage competition in Toronto, Ontario.

How many bottles? - We had a good time at the Bar & Beverage show that year.

The Gang - B&B 2002 - Not much to say here

The Skyy Booth - Picture Perfect - These girls were hot... and they came out to party afterwards.

Tony Cogburn - Vegas Style - 3 Bottles - No Hair

Steve McLavish - 3 Bottles

The Crowd at The Docks Night Club - The Docks was a fun event, and the folks from Toronto know how to party.

Neil Sitka with a coke can on his head - Neil maybe one of the weirdest guys you will meet, but his flair is world class.

Chris Cooper - Solid skills from Mr. Cooper

MC Deano doing magic - Wow she has a big mouth

Shawn Greco - These bottle have a wicked trail on them...

Dr. Hibbert and Mr. Hyde - Love the effects this camera had with Ed's face.

Ed Hibbert - Swipes - Classic Crisp and Clean.

MC Deano on his soap box - A Canadian comp would just not be the same with out MC Deano.


The Party - Like I said, the Skyy Chicks came to hang with us.  The Docks was a great party after the comp.

Ed Hibbert - The Champ - Hey Look!  Ed is not in second!!

Jim Allison in the FBA/Flairco Booth - Here I am in the FBA/Flairco booth... extremely hung over and in the bitter bitter cold of Canada in January.  WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?