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FBA Photo Gallery Wednesday, 17-July-2024
FBA Photo Gallery - "Big Apple Showdown 2004" Gallery

The FBA Photo Gallery is a collection of Flair Bartending photos from all around the world. Shares your photos today!

There are 19 pictures in the Big Apple Showdown 2004 Gallery/Category.

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The "Big Apple Showdown 2004" gallery currently has 19 photos.

Team Argentina practicing at the Big Apple Showdow - Team Argentina/Tampa practicing before they go.  They happen to take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Nice Pic  - Chris Burke and Rodrigo Delpech before they go on stage.

Rodrigo Dellpech  - Rodrigo Delpech at the Big Apple Showdown

Marcellirno - Adriano Marcellino at the Big Apple Showdown during his working flair portion of the round.

Big Bob Grotticelli - Bob Grotticelli performing an accordian pour.

Burke&Marcellino - Showcasing the NEW Flairco Skyy bottle.

All the Bartenders that made the Finals - All the Bartenders that made the finals at the Big Apple Showdown with Chris Cardone and Flairco.

Adriano Marcellino  - Adriano Marcellino who won 1st Place at the Big Apple Showdown being awarded by Dean, Mike and Chris

Picture taken at the bar show 2004 - Katsumi performing four bottle A-sync.

Cocktails prepared during the Big Apple Showdown - The Big Apple Showdown blended flair bartending and traditional mixology.  These are the final drinks prepared by the competitors.

J Rogers & D Serneels - Dean & Jeff 1st day

R Delpech  - Just warmin' up!

Big Apple Show Down 6/04 - C. Burke - Burke into the stall

Big Apple Showdown 6/04 - D - Pass BB same hand

Dean Serneels auctioning off some bunnies - There was a contest to have one of the lovely bunnies model for the lucky winner...I think thats what it was. ;)

Rodrigo smiling as usual

Nice 4 bottle set - Rodrigo Cao

Big Apple Showdown -

no words... - The night after the finals