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FBA Photo Gallery Wednesday, 17-July-2024
FBA Photo Gallery - "QUEST 2004" Gallery

The FBA Photo Gallery is a collection of Flair Bartending photos from all around the world. Shares your photos today!

There are 58 pictures in the QUEST 2004 Gallery/Category.

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The "QUEST 2004" gallery currently has 58 photos.

Quest 2004 from a Camera Phone - From a Camera Phone

Quest 2004 from a Camera Phone - From a Camera Phone

Quest 2004 from a Camera Phone - From a Camera Phone

Quest 2004 from a Camera Phone - From a Camera Phone

Rossi doing fat Elvis - One for big John

Fat Elvis - Only at Quest

Proud Winners - Christian,Rodrigo and Trevor after the finals

Ray D. - Ok.. I made it to Quest..now what do I do?

Ray D. - Hey Cache is this the right bottle?

Qualifiers - WOW

Qualifiers - Incredible

Qualifiers - Classic

Specialty Round - For a good time call 1-800-IFLAIR

Rodrigo - Just having some fun!!!!!

Old School Quest Picture - This picture includes all competitors, judges, staff and sponsors that have been involved in a past Quests.

Tia  - On her way to first in the amateur div.



Dan Rooney  Borgata A.C - Nice

John Fels........TGIF  Maryland - Go John

Mitsu......TGIF  Japan - In my opinion Mitsu put on one of the best routines of the night and he had to use music that wasn't his...Keep an eye on this competitor.

The Groove on Finals Night - This is a two story night club and the place was packed elbow to elbow.

The Mad Canuck - Trevor of team Canada

Argentine Ninja - Christian showing off his Ginsu Collection

 Ninja - Christians Specialty Round

Winner gets his trophy - John from Skyy Vodka and Ken Hall congradulate Christian on another victory.

Advanced Winners - Jim, John(Skyy Vodka) and Ken with the finalists from the Advanced Division

The Voice of Quest and the Queen - J.D. with Tia after her Finals in the Flair Round

Paul Trzcianko - The Mad-Russian in Action

Paul Trzcianko - Team Minn. being represented by The Mad-Russian

Levi Donaldson - Levi during Qualifing


Wilson and Danny - WD

Wilson - Peruvian finally made it!

Advance winners - Advance winners

Toby E. & Chris H. Violating their Parole, Pervert - Toby E. & Chris H. Violating their Parole, Perverts!

Ninja Delpech! - Ninja Delpech, threatening to kick my ass after the show ;

Rodrigo D. 2 bottle - Rodrigo Delpech Representing!!!

Christian D. Keeping it Real!!! - Christian D. Keeping it Real!!!


Rob H., Chris H, Pedro M. & Tim Zino - Drunk & disorderly, enough said!!!

Jim Allison marking his territory!!! - Jim Allison uses McLean's Skull as a Desk for his Laptop, nothing Personal just how Jim Roll's!

Woody & Chris H. of Orlando Drink Slingers - Drink Slingers of Orlando

Tug - Ah Tug...the man, the myth, the legend.

Boogie - It's wrong in some many ways!

Team Jersey - Ray D....Scotty

Qualifying Night - Ray D. and Christian

Possibly a Future Flipper - This is Angel a bartender at Bob Marleys who definitely contributed to a drunkin week and he even showed up for finals night and was very impressed.

Woody of Barasutra!!! - Woody of BARASUTRA, Sounds Freaky!!! Sick Puppy!!!

dario doimo & danny rossi in the specialty round - crazy guys

Tug & Johnny - Tug reveals Johnny after a few drinks the night of the qualifiers

Canadians make friends everywhere they go!!! - See, it's true what they say, everyone does love Canadians

Florida has tons to offer!!! - Don't even try to tell me that you don't remember seeing these two in the VIP lounge at Quest if you were there

A Canadian doing it the right way!!! - Ryan Smythe of team Canada during the qualifying round

Levi hard at work!!! - Levi Donaldson of Florida kicking some a$$ as always!!!

Team argentina - Rodrigo Cao of team Argentina showing us how it's done in Florida

Rodrigo's 7 bottle flash - Rodrigo during the pro finals attempting a 7 bottle flash.

Does this bring nightmares to anyone else? - Make for me.....