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FBA Photo Gallery Wednesday, 17-July-2024
FBA Photo Gallery - "Big Apple Showdown 2005" Gallery

The FBA Photo Gallery is a collection of Flair Bartending photos from all around the world. Shares your photos today!

There are 32 pictures in the Big Apple Showdown 2005 Gallery/Category.

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The "Big Apple Showdown 2005" gallery currently has 32 photos.

one more!!! - ...

no words... - .

the coyote girls - .

boogie??????? - .

The Big Apple winner (1 and 2) - .

flair girls - I'm posting this picture so everyone can see sweet, innocent Terri that doesn't have a drink in hand and is actually wearing clothes.


Top 8  - These were the top 8 to make it to the finals at the BAS

Flairing at the Bulls Head Tavern, NYC - The bartender let Adriano behind the bar to do a little flair...pretty sure this was before his 20 some odd shots...

coyotes? - hmmm how did they get these shirts...

The girls - The 3 girls to compete at the Big Apple Showdown

Judges - All the judges and me...except for boogie...we couldn't find him for a while...

oh geez... - I only have one thing to say to you Luis...I HATE JAGER BOMBS...

head shot - us after a few drinks at Red Rock West

James Hadhazy - The Finest Call Stall - With some attitude!

Terri Leesburg - Terri working two bottles - tin... all hung over!!

Shawn Kleem - He is just WAY to happy...

Rodrigo Delpech - Rodrigo working 2 bottles

Jim/Chris - Chris Burke and Jim just minutes before Chris competed

Chris, Bob and SK - Loaded at the Red Rock Saloon

Chris, Bob, Mclean and SK - How does this camera work?

Bob and SK - Introducing the Klemm Brothers!

Chris and Adrianno - I hate you Adrianno, cause you drink all night long and still flip like you do the next day!

I was definitely the prettiest girl in the bar! - Where the hell did I find a Tiara, and why the hell did i wear it?

Competition finalists - Dean James and Robyn smile, Alex wonders why Litavec won't shut up, Levi asks Jim and Mike why his music won't play, Rodrigo gives the staredown

4 Hicks drinking pounders in a hole in the wall - Take 4 drunk flair bartenders, add miller lite pounders, this is what you get.

Scary huh - Scary how much they look like brothers.  BBK and LBK.

Miller Lite Pounders - Where else but New York City can you find Pounders?  Forget it.

Rob T makes his appearance! - Rob Taylor, right before he gets asked to leave, has time to smile for the camera....is that a smile?

Robyn Closson and Sean Klemm - Who's more cute?

Grossest picture ever! - Sean Klemm was sweaty, so we used Bev naps to fix the problem.