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FBA Photo Gallery Wednesday, 17-July-2024
FBA Photo Gallery - "Dakota's Challenge 2006" Gallery

The FBA Photo Gallery is a collection of Flair Bartending photos from all around the world. Shares your photos today!

There are 21 pictures in the Dakota's Challenge 2006 Gallery/Category.

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The "Dakota's Challenge 2006" gallery currently has 21 photos.

Cody's Challenge ladies & gentlemen.... - Live on stage November 8th & 9th 2006,  Flairing for a Cure....in Cleveland & Columbus!

Barmagic's Spy Girls... - Here's where you get the best gourmet cocktails...

Barmagic's Spy Girls... - Here's where you get the best gourmet cocktails...

Christian throwing 4 bottles... - All for a six year old boy....


 Fundraiser for Cody Turek, Rob Turek's son... - The flair fundraising event of the year!  Help with Cody's brain surgery!  Flippin' bottles for a cure! Awesome!

Rob Turek's little flipper, stronger than ever.... - Soon he won't need bandages or head wraps any more....This is Cody people and he thanks you, flair world, for all of your support.

Christian...bad ass as usual - Dakota's Challenge Feature Presentation...

The official Dakota's Challenge Flair Bottle - Christian supports little Cody...

Cody's parents, Sara and Rob with Mr.Delpech - What a night it was!!!

Brian Prestage - The look, the feel, the fabric of concentration....

The Aspen Mint Martini... - Damn, that martini packs a barmagic punch!

Deano.. - Canadian flavored bacon!!!!Yeah!!!

Delpech - Smile for the camera...

Rob Turek, Chico Garcia, and Rob Husted - The event was truly amazing...

The finishing touch.... - That was intense!!!!

Husted hoisting three... - Smile...

Rob Turek - Finally, a break from stressful promotion...

Christian and Josh... - Dakota's Challenge Baby!!!

Dakota  - This is Cody the day after his brain surgery, eating a grilled cheese sandwich...

StarTender Daddy Rob Turek and son Cody - This is one week after the surgery.  He is doing well people!  Keep praying....