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FBA Photo Gallery Wednesday, 17-July-2024
FBA Photo Gallery - "Extreme Flair Battle Taiwan 2007" Gallery

The FBA Photo Gallery is a collection of Flair Bartending photos from all around the world. Shares your photos today!

There are 11 pictures in the Extreme Flair Battle Taiwan 2007 Gallery/Category.

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The "Extreme Flair Battle Taiwan 2007" gallery currently has 11 photos.

Extreme Flair Battle I /Taiwan - Extreme Flair Battle awarding ceremony

International Judges - Our international Judges
Mr. Takahisa Koda(Jpapn/FBA Japan/Vice-president)
Mr. Vincent T(Singapore/Overpour)

Extreme Flair Battle/ Nick Wu & Passy Ho - BARFLIAR team founders

Extreme Flair Battle1 /Taiwan - Zu's Flair Show

Extreme Flair Battle 1/Taiwan - Flair Show(Nick Wu)

Extreme Flair Battle 1/Taiwan - Amateur 3rd Place-
Momo Lai

Extreme Flair Battle 1 - Amateur 2nd Place-
Jim Liang

Extreme Flair Battle 1/Taiwan - Amateur Champion-
Black Shu

Extreme Flair Battle 1/Taiwan - Professional 3rd Place-
Jason Wang

Extreme Flair Battle 1/Taiwan - Professional 2nd Place-
Marty Shi

Extreme Flair Battle 1/Taiwan - The Extreme Flair Battle winners will go to Japan for FBA Japan's yearly competition(Aug., 2007)