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About FBA Saturday, 25-May-2024
About FBA

The art of Flair Bartending has been around since the late 1800's with the Professor Jerry Thomas and his flaming cocktail the Blue Blazer. We see this with a quick napkin flip, a joke, some bar magic, a multi bottle pour, or even doing a short routine to entertain your guests, flair bartending is simply taking your bar service to the next level and entertaining your guest how they want to be entertained. The sport of flair bartending is a much more recent development.

In 1997 at the largest flair competition of the time, QUEST in Orlando Florida USA, a small group of extremely passionate and talented bartenders decided to work together to organize and unite the 800 various competitions throughout the world, many of them being either local events or regional competitions. With that effort the Flair Bartenders' Association (FBA) was born and immediately became the fastest growing global membership association in the industry.

Since then, the FBA has grown to become the largest and most respected flair based organization in the world. The FBA is the global sanctioning body and the undisputed authority on the sport of flair bartending. With the creation of the FBA Pro Tour, we gave the sport a points chase for bartenders to compete year long and worldwide with their eye on Tour Championship.

FBA members work in all types of clubs, pubs, restaurants, and bars from small local establishments to major destination resorts and clubs. FBA members also include top bartenders and trainers from international operations such as TGI Fridays, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Café, House of Blues, Baja Beach Club, Chili's, Applebee's, Jack Astor's and more.

FBA bartenders promote the safe, common-sense approach to learning and performing flair and other performance styles of bartending, recognizing that busy shifts are not necessarily the ideal time or place for anything more than simple working flair. FBA bartenders focus on service and sales first, flair second. That is why we work hard to setup and promote special exhibition events and competitions to showcase our talents aside from our normal shifts.

"Service First | Flair Second | Competition Always"

FBA Headquarters
Flair Bartenders' Association, Inc.
104 E. Fairview Ave. #283
Meridian Idaho 83642-1733
United States
(Toll Free) 877.794.9446
General e-mail: info