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FBA Endorsed Products Saturday, 25-May-2024
FBA Endorsed Products

Spill-Stop #285-50

The FBA endorses Spill-Stop pour spouts and uses them exclusively in all of our sanctioned competitions for our accuracy rounds. We have found the Spill-Stop #285-50 to be the most accurate free pouring spout available. The Spill-Stop #285-50 has become the standard for all free pour training. The counting system the bartenders use are based on the consistent flow of these high quality products.

Flairco Portable Bar

The FBA endorses the Flairco Portable bar and uses them exclusively in all of our sanctioned competitions. We have found the Flairco Portable Bar to be extremely efficient and well rounded. The Flairco Portable Bar is on wheels, so we can put multiple bars into rotation and easily move them into place in seconds, fully loaded. With our events all over the world, we have found the Flairco Portable bar to be the best and most consistent product to use as we can ship it all over the world or even throw it in the trunk or back seat of a car, and every competitor can now own the official FBA Competition Flair Bar to practice with.

Flairco Pratice Bottle

The Flairco bottle is the official practice bottle of the FBA. Since it's inception in 1997, the Flairco bottle has arguably had the most impact on the growth of flair. While obviously safer to learn with than a glass bottle, the Flairco bottle allows flair bartenders of all skill levels to push their limits farther and faster due to its superior balance, finish and durability. This original Flairco practice bottle is still the best training tool for bartenders looking to learn new moves.