Legends XI DVDs Now Available!
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Your News Saturday, 25-May-2024

Legends XI DVDs Now Available!

Posted By
Robert Husted
Just in time for the holidays! The wait is over... The Legends XI Qualifying & Finals DVD is here! See all the Qualifying Flair rounds as well as ALL of the Final Rounds including Accuracy, Speed, Working Flair, Exhibition Flair & Tandem. Complete with tons of bonus footage & more. Be sure to pick up the Qualifying DVD which Features the "Flairbar.com Show with Ben Rose" which takes you even further behind the scenes. Get the official Legends XI Finals DVD as well as the official Legends XI Qualifying Day & Extras DVD all professionally and beautifully edited Flairbar.com style in this one of a kind professional DVD package. See much more then just a Flair clip posted on You Tube. "Be a V.I.P. and order all there is to see!"

No one else takes you behind the scenes and delivers all the action with multiple camera angles and more like Flairbar.com! To purchase your videos today... Check out www.barwars.info! You can view a preview here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h61E9wq4Yqg .



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