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FBA Photo Gallery Saturday, 25-May-2024
FBA Photo Gallery - "Other 2004" Gallery

The FBA Photo Gallery is a collection of Flair Bartending photos from all around the world. Shares your photos today!

There are 154 pictures in the Other 2004 Gallery/Category.

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The "Other 2004" gallery currently has 154 photos.

Chris Cardone during flair instruction - Chris Cardone teaching flair students how to roll a bottle down his arm.

San Lee from S. Korea - South Korean and new member of Team NY, San Lee practicing during a flair training seminar held by Chris Cardone

Bob Grotticelli w/ an accordian pour - Bob Grotticelli teaching how to do an accordian pour, nice smile!

Oscar Perez at work at Kahunaville in T.I. - Oscar pours a drink into a glass balanced on top of a bar spoon balanced on his chin.

Rob Husted the Video Star - A shot of Rob Husted during the filming of IT'S FIVE O'CLOCK SOME WHERE music video.

Flairin at work. Never knew my bar was so sparkly! - Doin an over the shoulder to stall.  The copper bar and the lit back bar and mirrors really glow.  Oh so pretty.  Hahahaha

working flair - Doing my flair show in a bar in Puerto Rico.My name is Hector Acevedo and my nickname is

Burning the bar - Hector burning the bar in Puerto Rico


Me at work worming up... - No story. I just wanted to put my picture up with the real champs....

Training on the beach - Nice pic. from a trainig session on the beach

firestarter in the austrian mountains - i did this fireshow on the top of an austrian mountain for red bull i hope you enjoy watching write me an e mail: mba.office@networld.at flair4life

Bartending a party with my friend - Some girls threw a birthday party. When i got there i see there is madd liquor, even cordials. SO i get in the kitchen n start throwing things around.


The open twentse (nl) flair championship  - the announcement for the open twentse (nl) flair championship

people in front of the stage - In Holland, flairing is comming up you can see that on this picture! The championships were at a high level!! The Dutch are comming!!!

Pyramide of Cholula - This was our day off while in Puebla, Mexico giving a speach and demonstration on Flair Bartending.

Pyramide of Cholula - Rob Taylor and Chris Warso hard at work in Cholula. Speaches and Demos over, time for a yard day!

Pyramide of Cholula - Ground Breaking News!!!!!     Rob Taylor and Chris Warso of BarTrix.com discover ancient flair tools inside the Pyramide of Cholula.

tequila jumping with fire - a lot of people wants a tequila slammer with strawberry so I decide to make all together with fire show

hot cocktail for hot girl - a hot girl wanted a hot cocktail and there it is.....

Around the world - Around the world

Behind the head - Behind the head

Tin Capture - Tin Capture

Free as a bird - Skyy high tin

Practice makes perfect. - Just trying to create a little magic.

Hey Dude check this out. - Totally radical.

Picture at the Bartenders Academy of New York  - San Lee preparing to do a fire show.

chilling after a hard nite... - while working in mamaia....

training - training

comp 2004  - very,and,nice,comp

bottle/tin....little Photoshop help - just practicing outside

moe's comp. - im ready for all of you people

Just pour it - enything else..?

Stack it baby!! - China Jump Singapore!! one of many flair bars in Singapore!!

Here we go.... - Didn't know i could do it!???

The Man!! - Welcome!!!

Oscar Perez Working at Kahunaville Las Vegas - Some of Oscar's Balances

Scott......Swingers A.C - Peek-a boo

Dan Rooney...Borgata A.C. - Dan at Swingers Comp


Top Three From The Sands Comp - Left To Right....

Charlie, Lee, and Bryant

Lou Dimino (Bev. Dir.) Sands A.C. - Ok guy's, Where's the Sponsors bottles.....

Ray DeFeo ...Sands A.C. - Drop one tin and they make you a Bar Back......

Ray and Brent at McFaddens - Brent, Smile they think I'm Ray Speight....

Event Vodka Orloff - Firt Event for Bartenders

Falming Martini - I built my new website called EliteBartending.com and did a 3 hour photo shoot at my bar in my house. People like to see fire and this gets the looks.

MultiPour! - The Best Job in the world!!!

Chris Burke - Chris Burke Working on has flair for the next comp

bacrdi bottle - bacardi bottle

making cocktail - making a cocktail on top of the bacardi bottle!

ARM TOWER BALANCE - I'm Albert Opena, winning moment during the competition my second tittle.

Double glass Bar spoon balance - ALBERT OPENA, fLAIR BALANCE

the Party Drink - it`s my Work!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Sambuca Baby!!!! - the Sambuca Baby!!!!

pro bartenders of dubai - my first bartenders compettion and still made it to the finals,awesome...from Mark wearing basketball jersey!!!

at work - Showdown, at a beachparty in the centre of Eindhoven, NL. Working my ass of

The new argentinean mafia - The managers of LA LIGUILLA, after a tournament in west palm beach

The argentinean mafia at the blue martini in Tampa - A classic of LA LIGUILLA, mondays at the blue martini

LA LIGUILLA in a chicken wing competition - We went to hooter to see the legend, adriano marcellino, eat 25 hot chicken wings with out taking a break...

THE LIGUILLA out of control. Levi is almost in. - LEvi know that he is argentinean so he is trying to be accepted in THE LIGUILLA

Una de las Barras del Cuartel  - Bartender y profesores

Gente del Cuartel - Expectadores del Cuartel

Concierto y competencia de bartenders - Concierto y competencia de bartenders organizada por Bartender's School San Josè Costa Rica

Entrenamiento de Flair - Tecnicas basicas del flair

Entrenamiento de Flair - Tecnicas de Flair Bartender`s School San Josè, Costa Rica

Blowing fire - Danny is putting on a show for the crowd in one of the hottest clubs in Dallas, Kismet Lounge.

Neil Garner, Andy Clarke & Neil Lowry - Blue Credit Card Launch

Neil Garner, Andy Clarke & Neil Lowry - Blue Credit Card Launch

Paul Robinson (Footballer) Wedding - Event Team for Paul Robinson's Wedding

Howie Bar Show - Thanks Howie

Howies Audition! - Practise session before the whole crew showed up! thanks Howie

Sands Ac Picture by C.Burke - Bartender at the Sands

Sands AC Picture by C.Burke - Bartender at Sands

Sands AC Picture by C.Burke - Bartender at the Sands

Sands AC Picture by C.Burke - Bartender at the Sands

From Ukraine - Flair Chicago

Cool - Flair it`s Cool

Macho - Macho

Beliy - Beliy

Probably Offtopic: Cut with 3 stitches - It was a lazy friday night, that turned pretty bloody after my 3 bottle cascade try. Absolutely no pain, but still a mark for life :)

Cardone in A.C - Even hung-over/drunk he can still show off some moves.

Chris and team Jersey - Nice pour scott

Scotty Balls - Warming up

planetarium - Give it a try GUYS!!!

Jason - Jason at the sands, making Chris Burke, Melissa and himself a drink.

Havana Club Event, Moeskroen, South-Belgium - Just one of our regular show events on the Havana tour but with a little heat on making the Mojito's...

live, EAT and sleep flair! - AGHHHHHHHH

The Fireball - Fireball during my flair show at work. Liquid used was Zippo fluid hence the serious blowback. !1

finalist from Last Call! and Kolehiyala Flairshowd - In the Philippines, Last CAll! Bartending Challenge and Kolehiyala Flairshowdown are the 2 most prestigious bartending competition for HRM students.

LAST CALL! - The most prestigious bartending comp for students in the Philippines..Last Call! Bartedning Challenge and Kolehiyala Flair Showdown

Pinoytender in

me - pinoytender = Filipino Bartender

lil tin flip - My first competition, I trained for about a week, got 3rd place, can't wait for the next comp in the area.  It's addicting.

the new members of the Liguilla - Chris and Mig now...are the Liguilla

The new members of the Liguilla - Chris and mig now... are the Liguilla

Cocktail - Nothing especial

Programa Sin Secretos  - Doña Doris y Jerry Manzanares

simone e umberto from naples italy - simone e umberto from italy at octoberfest napoli

dry dock's team naples - dry dock's team naples

Chris Hare & Rodrigo Delpech - Rodrigo & Chris

Pedro Morales & Chris Hare - Chris H. & Pedro M.

Chris Hare Doing STUFF!!! - Chris Hare in the middle of doing STUFF!!!!

red bull exibition in panama - its a exibition flair in panama with red bull energy drink by pablo fernandez.latinbar.net

job in champagne room - pablo fernandez from uruguay in panama.nice job.latinbar.net

Cao, Burke and Aker - Rodrigo Cao, Chris Burke and Jon Aker at the Flippin Fall Classic

Danny Rooney - Danny Rooney at the Flippin fall Classic

Jon Aker  - John Aker at the Flippin fall Classic

D  - D at the flippin fall classic

Big Bob - Big Bob at the Flippin fall Classic

Chris Burke - Chris Burke at the Flippin fall Classic

R.Cao - R. Cao at the Flippin fall Classic

D - D at the flippin fall Classic

Taverna Bartenders - The opening team of Taverna Sarbului.

Taverna Sarbului Bar - Flair Practice Training Show... Nick and Gaby..



just for fun - a nice warmup

which bottle to which guy ? - Picture is from the training area in the Roadhouse

Rodoman vs Delpech @ IBA 2004 Las Vegas - Bartenders' Cold War
Rodoman vs Delpech

Team LA NIck & Eric - Flair Photo Op

Bar set up - You like our barbacks?

Multi pour/ Accordian Pour - showing the crowd how flair bartenders do it in L.A.

Inaugeration of flair team to L.A. - Introducing Nick & Eric. Los Angeles new flair team. And Growing! Thanks Ralph Verdugo and Steve Cook of Ibiza Night club!

Pyramid Flairing - Had to be done!

my picture (rafic) in a night club in lebanon - we do fliaring every saturday or on regular events

Franklin Prato (Venezuela) - Se celebro la fiesta de fin de año Red Bull y Los Monstruos de Flair fueron invitados a dicho evento.

bartending in the night - central bar of órbita...in front of the band

cancun tequileira - a special night of tequila in the best place to the fortaleza

Combination drink making - Combination drink making as it should be done.

Francesco Leoni on stage in Hungary - I think Francesco had some really good time in Hungary.

Charla de Còcteleria Escuela de Bartender - Escuela de Bartender Charla de 
Còcteleria Clasica

canon - More traning


Martini on Forhead - Bar Trainer David Butler demonstrates working flair as part of the curriculum in Norwegian Cruise Lines American Crew training Program


team - :))))))))))))

Working at Put-in-Bay - Serving drinks like they are going out of style. Just had a minute to pose.lol

exhibition flair, bottle with tin - my first competition!!!

me  and  ban - we  was  doing  privet party

just some flair step  - just flairing

South American Champions - The podium of the biggest competition in South America.

fire dragon - Bored cause it was a slow so impromptue fire show then boy oh boy did it get busy :)

WhipCreamhead - Taken by Melanie Oana  while visiting with her 
friend,  on the first night she met Shawn and Tony

Me Flairing at my girlfriends house one night - well i was praticing my flairing at helens house when she decided to take this pic before recording one almighty vid of me

Show - Club Birthday

In Phuket, Thailand - if sky is blue...?

old photo in own bar - i'm only a newest bartender in this world but i wanna be good juggler nor drunker

JW Blowing Fire off his Hand - Every time another bartender and I get into fire contest. I top him by blowing two and half ounces of over proof off my fingers.

ufuk aydinalp - work at me .....

pride of the philipines - pride of the philipines,pride of pinoy flairtenders...VIVA MASTAH!

three bottles - practice every day FLAIR!!!

kasim kiseli - pratice