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Your News Saturday, 25-May-2024
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Ed "Deuce" Hibbert

As many of you may know, Edward “Deuce” Hibbert passed away this week. This news was an absolute shock to every single person that knew him. As you will read in many of the posts below and in the message board, Ed was looked up to by many as a leader in the industry not only for his accomplishments in flair competitions, but also as a business man, professional bartender, and the very definition of a GOOD Friend. 
Please take a few moments to write a few words about Ed if you knew him and post any pictures you may have to the Gallery named “Ed Hibbert”.
Much Love Deuce. Your impact on the sport of Flair Bartending is etched in stone and you will eternally be missed.

Finland Onnela Flair Masters

The first FBA Pro Tour event in Finland was a huge success in no small part to extremely professional and organized people who ran the event.  Timo “Timppa” Nyyssönen and his crew were top notch.  You can tell Timppa has watched a few well organized flair competitions in his day as the timing of the event was spot on as qualifiers finished within 2 minutes of the projected time!!  Well done Timppa!!

Helsinki was pretty much what I expected… friendly, clean, cool, with just a bit of rain.  What I did not expect was the sun to stay up until almost midnight!!  Then it peaks its head out again sometime around 5am again.  Crazy days in Finland with 19+ hours of sunshine.  Granted, that is just the summer time as winter is the opposite.

The venue for this event was world class.  Club Royal Onnela is the largest club in Helsinki and it has 9 themed bars/rooms to suite anyone’s tastes in music and fun.  While no room was perfect for a flair comp, they organizers did a fantastic job of figuring out where to put the stage.  If it wasn’t for this pesky support column at the corner of the stage, you know the one holding the building up, it would have been perfect.  The competitors had a practice room, food, drinks, and VIP access to the entire club.

Read More

BOLS-LEGENDS Master of Flair Bartending Comp

BOLS-LEGENDS Flair Competition held on 10th,11st June,Which is a high-quality competition around China.About 60 China top bartenders compete in races.Thesponsor of Flair bartending is BOLS-Amsterdam.



THE Big Kahuna Bartender Challenge LIVE

Sunday July 26th 10:00pm PST (Las Vegas TIME) The Big Kahuna Bartender Challenge LIVE from Kahunaville Las Vegas.

The finalist so far are: Dario Doimo, Rodrigo Delpech, Danilo Oribe, Vladymyr Buryanov, Rodrigo Cao, Justin Keane, Josh Nemerrow, James Hadhazy, Oleksiy Smolikov, BAT, Behnam Gerami, Nicola Falzone, Lee Johnson.

The LIVE BROADCAST will be totally FREE

www.flairlive.tv will go online on Saturday 25th

Thank you


Finland Flair Masters Qualifiers

Qualifying is over for the Onnela Flair Masters competition in Helsinki and I have some very exciting news to share. A DOIMO WENT NO DROPS AND NO SPILLS!!!!! WTF!!!  We awarded Dario a 1000 point bonus for this tremendous achievement for someone not from Argentina (or Uruguay or somewhere).
1 Dario Doimo
2 Tomek Malek
3 Tom Dyer
4 Marek Posluszny
5 Marco Canova
6 Alex Searle
7 Slava Gazukin
8 Gianluigi Bosco

The full qualifying results can be viewed here
I will post final results as soon as I can.


More Results From Europe

15-07-2009 Onnela Flair Master - Location: Helsinki, Finland

1st Dario Doimo
2nd Tom Dyer
3rd Marek Posluzsny
4th Tomek Malek
5th Gianluigi Bosco
6th Marco Canova
7th Alex Searle
8th Slava Gazukin

09-07-2009 Belgrade International Open - Location: Belgrade, Serbia

1st Tomek Malek
2nd Raffael Arce
3rd Dario Doimo
4th Tom Dyer
5th Marco Canova
6th Bruno Vanzan
7th Alex Searle
8th Sylvain Glatiny
9th Danilo Bozovic
10th Gianluigi Bosco

07-07-2009 Daylight Flair Contest - Location: Umag, Croatia

1st Tomek Malek
2nd Tom Dyer
3rd Marco Canova
4th Dario Doimo
5th Rafael Arce
6th Gianluigi Bosco
7th Sylvain Glatigny
8th Mario Majcen
9th Sebastien Oquic
10th Jury Kovachs

Competions results from Europe

Hi guys! Here you can find results from competitions happened in the last 7 days in Europe:

24-06-2009 Flairmotion School vs School - Location: London, UK

1st Creative Bartending School
(Jay du Toit, Clinton Weir, Alex Searle, Tom Dyer)
2nd Underground Flair Team
(Antony Pullen, Gianluigi Bosco, Ruben Maduro, Norbert Schok)

23-06-2009 Spanish Qualifier for Skyy Global Challenge - Location: Madrid, Spain

1st Nahuel Frumboli
2nd Marco Cicconi
3rd Eduardo Gomez

22-06-2009 Vodka Pravda Competition - Location: Bielsko Biała, Poland

1st Tomek Malek
2nd Marek Posluszny
3rd Marcin Osypinski

22-06-2009 Underground Flair League Heat 3 - Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

1st Lee Johnson
2nd Bruno Vaznan
3rd Sylvan Glatigny

21-06-2009 Belushi's Flair Challenge - Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

1st Lee Johnson
2nd Sylvain Glatigny
3rd Antony Pullen

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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