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Your News Saturday, 15-June-2024

Welcome to YOUR NEWS

Posted By
James Allison
Welcome to the YOUR NEWS section of the FBA Website.  If you don't already know, this is an area where you, the FBA Members, can post news and comments for the entire flair world to see!

We are looking forward to YOUR NEWS posts and hope everyone will enjoy the global information.

Happy Posting!


Posted By
Wang Yang
Hello Jim:

Thank you for your reply!

We have been concerned about the FBA for several years and of great help to me, I have send the Email to you several times, But never heard from your reply. So I feel honored this time!

I am the president of a bartender’s website in China. Our website has great influence among China, which have about 3,000,0 bartender members. Beside this, we also held more than ten competitions over the past few years in China. Including 07 SKYY (in China. The BOLS and SKYY were also our sponsors.

I was a bartender before, The IBA and WFA also have their own organizations in China, but I’d prefer FBA’s challenge, because they’re more professional! We’d like enhance the influence of the FBA, So that more of the bartenders to raise their professional standards.

We are in the preparation of the BOLS competition now, which will be hold in 10~11th June, and I will send you some competition information. By the way, welcome to visit China!

Yours Sincerely

Wang Yang

Posted By
James Allison
Hi Wang,

We at the FBA would love to work with you and your great organization in China.  I will reach out to you via email right now!


Jim Allison

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